AlbertWelcome, to the Cathedral of Prayer and Evangelism.

Welcome to the Cathedral of Prayer and Evangelism and those of you that have visited us before, greetings, and for those that are here for the first time then we trust that you will be blessed and it's really great to have this opportunity to meet you. To all our visitors in 2008 thank you for your support, we hope that 2009 will be filled with His blessing.

We really hope that your stay with us will be a visit that will be memorable and that you will go away with a new sense of blessing and vigour in your spirit.

It's been great receiving your many prayer requests and these have been brought before the Lord, the Word of God tells us very clearly...."Christ has entered..into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us".."Hebrews:9:24" and I would point you to "Hebrews: 4:14-16" therefore be encouraged! If you have received an answer, then please let us know and we will at some stage supply a "Testimony Section" where you will be able to give Worldwide glory to God for His intervention on your behalf.

If you need prayer, then visit the Prayer Room where you can send to us, your needs and requests.

If you are not a Christian, then take a look at the Evangelism Section of the site. We have now included a great new "flash" movie...Take a look at it. We will be trying to supply a new one a various intervals. If you as a result decide you want to know Jesus in a personal way, as Saviour...Then contact us.

It might be that you want to know what's going on around the World, then take a look at Notices, these will let you know of important events that are taking place.

We are a Christian organisation and you can check out what we believe by going into the appropriate room.

If your interest lies in what God is doing around the World, then our ministry profile will be of particular interest to you.

We are focusing on the needs of an ophanage in Argentina at this present moment, God has by the Holy Spirit has been doing marvellous things

Take a look at the Notices section for more news of great christian events that are taking place, especially take a look at the Book Review. In the CD Review we have now included a little "taster" of the music being recommended....tell us what you think.

We would really like to stay in touch with you, so please sign our Guest Book and we will let you know of the exciting developments that are taking place.

On a personal note as an ex I.B.T.I. Student during the period 1971 - 1973 "The International Bible Training Institute" it would be great to hear any news or events that ex-students might want publicised. If you are visiting the site take a few moments to keep us up-to-date.

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